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I'M GOING FRIENDS ONLY~~~ 8D~~ Why you ask? I don't wanna put it here. XDDD If you wanna know, just ask me on AIM. 8D MOST OF YOU SHOULD KNOW MY SN BY NOW. xU

Comment if you wanna be added. Pretty much if you seem cool, I'll add you back~ 8DD I don't give a shit. XD But I'll make a list of some things I normally post about~

+ Music/Anime/Manga/Life - Standard stuff for a 19 year old.
+ Boyfriend, because I could not love a newborn baby more then I love him.
+ Work, and how much I love puppies and am starting to hate humans.
+ Disney Movies/Related Things. Aladdin turns me on. <3333
+ My day. I usually just post about what I did and stuff. :U Then I ramble a lot.
+ Emo posts about life, lack of money, friends, and what not.
Tags: fran fran sexy fran, friends are cool, friends only suckas, haters get mad cuz, i am supreme ruler
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